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All You Need to Know About HDB Gates Singapore

Are you renovating your HDB home?

Then you must consider changing your HDB main door as well. The main door is the first impression that you give your visitors. And a good main door will also add to the value of your home if you plan on selling it after renovation.

If you are considering changing your HDB main door, here is everything you might want to know about it. Read on and choose accordingly.

Types of HDB doors

1. Laminate Doors

Laminate doors are the latest trend and are very popular among HDB homeowners. You can choose from a variety of colours and designs. Moreover, they offer great sound and water-resistant abilities.

2. Glass Doors

A glass door is another popular HDB main door option among HDB homeowners. Thanks to modern technology, glass doors can now be painted, tinted, or sprayed as you want. You can also choose a boxed panel or side panels to increase the beauty of your HDB main door.

3. Veneer doors

Veneer doors are a much cheaper alternative to solid wood doors. A veneer is a very thin slice of wood that is applied to engineered doors to achieve the wooden look of the door. You can choose from a variety of choices which mainly depends on the type of wood.

4. Nyatoh Doors

Nnyatoh doors are made by gluing or joining together panels of timber woods. Their unique design offers an aesthetically pleasing look to your HDB home. You can also opt to paint them in your desired colour however it is not recommended as the finishing might not last long enough.

Styles Of HDB Main Door You Can Choose

HDB flats and homes may have insufficient space and many homeowners want to install space-saving

1. Hinged door

Hinged doors are the most popular option for HDB doors. The best part is there are no limitations of the material. You can choose any material of your choice. And they are also very easy to install. Hence, they are a perfect choice for many HDB homeowners.

2. Sliding door

Sliding doors are best for compact spaces. They slide into each other saving space than traditional doors need to swing open. Sliding pocket doors are a more suitable option if you have less wall space. Pocket sliding doors slide open inside the wall. However, they are more complicated to install.

3. Bi-fold door

BI-fold doors are another space-saving option popular with HDB homeowners. The multi-panel mechanism helps them in saving space and you can choose the width according to your choice making them perfect for smaller spaces.

4. Pivot door

Pivot doors have hinges at the top and bottom of the door and they open both ways. Hence, they need space on both sides of the wall. They are getting popular because of their variety of closing options that include automatic closing as well. However, pivot HDB main doors are not good at insulating. So, use them at places where low insulation is required.

Features to Add in HDB Main Doors

HDB authorities have certain limitations. However, there are some features you can add to your HDB main doors.

HDB Digital Lock

If you are not comfortable using keys for your HDB gates in Singapore, the digital lock is the best alternative you have. They are automated and programmed in such a way that you can easily handle them. An interesting feature that digital lock offers is automatically locking the door after you use it.

Privacy or Pet-Friendly HDB Gate

Privacy HDB gates are a great option you have if you want to enjoy fresh air yet don’t want to compromise on your privacy. You can also opt for the pet-friendly feature as there are no rules for customization of main gates. So, you can customize as you want.

HDB Fire-rated Door

Not all HDB homes require a fire-rated main door. Fire-rated main doors are required in flats where the main door is within 3 meters of the lift or staircase. So, if you are renovating and replacing your fire-rated main door, make sure that your new main door also follows HDB fire-rated main door protocols.

Rules For Changing HDB Door

· You don’t need a permit if you want to change your HDB Gate Singapore or internal HDB door. However, you will need a permit if you choose to change the measurements.

· You will be required to seek a permit for your main door if your door has the same egress travel as the fire escape route.

· If your door is in front of the lift or within 3 mm of the lift or staircase, it should be fire-rated.

We hope our guide will help you in changing your HDB main door or gate in Singapore. Feel free to contact us for high-quality and aesthetically pleasing HDB main doors and gates in Singapore. The Door aims to provide you with exquisitely designed doors that compliment your home.

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