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HDB Doors: Hear What the Experts Have to Say

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

The Door is the one of the largest supplier of digital doors, gates, and locks in Singapore, ensuring excellent services and product quality. We have won the trust of many customers by providing great security with our products as we work hard to make our products and services more reliable. Our goal is to expand our reach and meet the requirements of each client for both home entry and security needs.

Doors are your home's entry, so they must have pretty high ratings when it comes to aesthetics. As they say, the first impression is the last. HDB laminated front doors are an excellent choice when looking to enhance the look of your home, whether for main or interior doors. All the beauty in the world is worth nothing if a proper maintenance routine is not followed. However, the secret is to install laminated doors that are easy to maintain.

About HDB Door Supplier Singapore

The Door is an industry leader when it comes to engineered wood doors in Singapore. We offer a revolutionary concept that includes manufacturing ready-to-use and factory-finished door assemblies (door and frame) to suit every room and purpose. The Door offers you a huge range of HDB front door and laminate HDB main door ideas, from which you can select any one. We make sure that our range has a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes to satisfy your aesthetic.

Our doors feature high quality and elegant workmanship, which reduces the visibility of door handles and uneven joints. Material finishing focuses on mild steel, which makes our metal doors extremely durable. We offer customization options as well. The products we offer are of high quality, low maintenance, and highly durable, among many other features.

Products are designed with creativity and originality. You can design and customise metal doors, gates, etc. uniquely according to your creative design, style, and size. Share your design with us, and we are here to create it for you.

There are a few suggestions that we give when it comes to maintaining the HDB door and HDB gate in Singapore.

Spot Clean Immediately

Correct cleaning practises help improve the aesthetics and longevity of laminated HDB main doors and HDB gates. All drink stains and spills should be cleaned up immediately. Not only does this quick action help keep your doors shiny, but it also keeps their curb appeal intact. Cleaning the surface only takes a few minutes, and this quick action eliminates the need for heavy cleaning procedures in the future.

Avoid Sharp Objects

While the slides can withstand a certain level of wear and tear, sharp objects and abrasive cleaners can leave stubborn scratches on the surface and cause serious damage. Do not use things such as towels and harsh cleaning agents, as they can leave permanent scratches on the door surface.

Factors to Consider When Choosing your HDB laminated door

With new technology on the horizon, many homeowners are going for HDB main doors and gates with appealing designs to make themselves unique and more safe.

If you are considering replacing HDB main doors and gates with appealing ones, make sure you are considering the following factors at the time of selection:

1. Door material

There are several different types of HDB main door and gate materials, each with its own advantages. The door material you choose will affect how durable your door is, how long it will last, and how easy it is to maintain.

Mild steel and wrought iron are the most common HDB laminated door materials. Light steel doors are carbon steel, making them more flexible than other steel doors. It enables you to personalise your HDB laminated door design to your liking. In fact, mild steel has more durability than aluminium and wrought iron.

2. Door design

Your door design will vary depending on the function you want it to serve. Some homeowners prefer privacy but don't like keeping the front door closed. If so, you can choose an HDB laminated door that has the design of having more holes so that passers-by can see your house.

3. Lock type

Lock type is also important as it can show your aesthetic sense and concern for the safety of your property. There are different installation requirements for traditional and digital door locks.

Conventional locks can be installed on almost any HDB laminated door. However, since digital locks require a suitable flat surface as a support, your door design cannot be too complicated. Some homeowners may choose to have a flat pane dedicated to the digital lock.

The door or gate you are choosing for your property is not just adding an aesthetic look to it but it is also protecting your house from any trespassers. So, it is important that you choose your HDB laminated door not only for its appearance but also for its security.

The Door also offers stylish, customizable HDB laminated doors suitable for a variety of budgets.

What we do

We understand the needs and concerns of every customer that comes through our door. Your home or building is an investment that is of huge value, and we ensure that we become the best HDB door supplier in Singapore and offer the aesthetic value, safety you need, and unmatched durability for the long run.

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