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Main Benefits:

  • Great selection of patterns and wood grain

  • Convincing wood grain gives the look and feels of wood

  • Maintenance free, no varnishing or paint required

  • Scratch & Water Resistance

  • Price stated is based on 3FT*7FT door size and thickness of 35m


  • Dismantle & Disposal of existing door

  • Installation of New Laminated Door

  • Cylindrical Lock

  • Magnetic Stopper

  • Stainless Steel Hinges



  • Single Door: $288.00 each

  • Bundle of 2: $479.00 (U.P. $576.00)

  • Bundle of 3: $699.00 (U.P. $864.00)

  • Bundle of 4: $929.00 (U.P. $1152.00)

  • Bundle of 5: $1159.00 (U.P. $1440.00)


The bedroom is your sanctuary;a place where you can spend time with no disturbance. To secure this tranquil spot, you need a guard to keep away the noises and intruders.


Bedroom doors play their role like a keeper to prevent any intrusion or disruption. The Door understands the significance of doors and supplies a supreme quality bedroom door in Singapore.


We provide all varieties of laminate bedroom doors in Singapore, with the finest structure and sturdy construction. The doors manufactured by our company fulfils all the standards. You do not have to worry about maintenance because of our quality work and laminate bedroom doors.


From dismantling to installation, our team is an expert in fixing the bedroom door in Singapore. You will find their work as per your preference and choice. We understand the value of money and returns it with our hard and exquisite work.


You can check out all color options and patterns available for the laminate bedroom door in Singapore. This range of color scheme gives you many choices to select a bedroom door as per your taste. These compelling designs and wood grains feel refreshing to eyes and smooth to touch.


Blk 806 Hougang Central #02-156 S(530806)

+65 8782 9585

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