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Why You Should Get a Digital Lock for Your Home in Singapore

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Are you upgrading your home?

If yes, it’s time to upgrade your home security as well. Get rid of that years-old key system and use modern technology that enables you to lock, unlock, and access your home security from anywhere in the world with just a mobile phone. Yes, all this is possible by installing the best digital door lock in Singapore.

Not sure whether you need a digital lock system for your Singapore home or not?

Here are a few reasons why you should ditch your old locking system and get the best digital door lock in Singapore.

1. They Are Safe

The biggest advantage of home digital lock Singapore is that it is safer than the old key locking system. No one can make a duplicate of your key or open your door with a master key. Only you have the authority to decide who enters your home and the digital locking system cannot be duplicated or broken into.

If any case, any authorized person tries to open the lock or break it, the alarm system will be activated and you will be instantly notified. A digital surveillance camera will also show you who is trying to enter your home. Isn’t it great?

2. No Need of Keys

Are you not good at keeping keys?

Or does handling keys irritate you?

Digital lock is your best solution. All you need to do is remember a password and you are good to go. And if you want you can also opt for a fingerprint entry system. That’s even better. You don’t have to remember the code as well. And above all, you can change it any time you want or need.

3. Instant Lock And Unlock

Do you often forget to lock the door after unlocking?

Or does the time-consuming key locking system irritate you?

The digital home locking system in Singapore is very time-saving. You will unlock your home in a blink of an eye and it will automatically lock the door after use.

4. They Are Smart

Not all digital locks are smart but if you choose to get one installed at your home, you can access it from anywhere in the world. However, you will have to keep your mobile safe, locked, protect the code and pin code for the locking system.

5. No Lost Key Problem

Have you ever lost the key to your home?

If yes, you must know how much a headache it is. And if it is holiday or non-working hours, it becomes incredibly difficult to enter your home. The home digital lock system saves you from losing the keys and getting locked out of your home. You just need to remember a password or put your finger on the sensor to unlock the door.

6. Great For Physically Impaired and elderly

Do you have old people in the family?

Or a physically impaired person who needs assistance for door locking and unlocking?

A home digital lock system is your best solution. It enables elderly and physically impaired people to easily open the door with the mobile phone. They don’t have to dwell with the door to insert the key into the tiny keyhole. Just a few clicks on the phone and the door is open for them and will automatically lock after they enter.

7. They Look Stylish

Main doors are the first that your visitors see and if your main door has an old-fashioned locking system, you will instantly lose a good first impression. However, digital locks not only look good, but they also leave a modern and stylish first impression on your visitors. And you can also choose from 3 different colours that match best with your door colour.

8. Easy To Use

Technology has evolved everything. Now, the first thing we consider before buying new equipment is the ease of use. And home digital lock Singapore provides you’re the best user experience you want. A digital locking system enables you to connect all the security systems you use with one device. Whether it is the surveillance camera or the security alarm system, you can connect them with your home digital lock and control it from anywhere in the world. What would you need from a locking system?

9. Easy Reset

Home Digital lock Singapore is very easy to use. Whether you need to change the password or you need to authorize a new person, you can easily do it with your phone. Digital locks are connected to the network and you can easily change the setting with your phone from anywhere. No need to leave spare keys under the mat for an emergency when you are away.

We hope we have been successful in making your mind and now you are looking forward to buying the best digital lock for your home in Singapore. The Door is here to provide you with the best home digital locks in Singapore. We bring you the most easy-to-use and secure digital locks in Singapore. Whether you want the biometric digital lock or smart digital lock, The door has it all. Feel free to contact us for further information.

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